Vendor Spotlight - Mike Alder of Dryer Vent Wizard

Dryer Vent Wizard of Boise, ID provides dryer vent cleaning, installation, and repair services to homes and businesses throughout the Boise area. We'd like to thank one of our happy, multi-unit clients for highlighting our business and services in their monthly newsletter! The spotlight, written by AJ Black, is below, but you can view the complete newsletter here.

Vendor Spotlight - Mike Alder of Dryer Vent Wizard
Realty Management and Associates is pleased to feature Mike Alder from Dryer Vent Wizard as the first of our new Vendor Spotlight Series. Mike got into the Dryer Vent business looking to help the general public through home service. His mission was to participate in a service that was greatly needed, but perhaps undervalued, or misunderstood. He came across Dryer Vent Wizard three times, and chose to continue his search, before he realized that it would be the perfect way to achieve his professional goal.

A day in the life of Mike begins with a good morning kiss from his wife and some productive family time to get the day started before heading out for work. Once at the office, he checks that his techs have everything they need for the coming appointments, processes paperwork, answers phone calls and makes reservations. He also helps techs with larger jobs and spends time in the field, which is what he says is his favorite part of the job. “My favorite part of the job is meeting new people every day, fixing dryer vent issues, and making people safer every time I finish a job. I enjoy explaining what caused those dryer vent issues my customers were having and what they can do to prevent those problems going forward.”

As a child Mike wanted to be an ‘Army Man’ or a Cop. He lived out one of those dreams in his adulthood, and spent some years in the military. Perhaps this is what spurred his love for travel, as he mentions pending time stationed in Germany. He has been to Europe and will be returning to Hawaii for a trip soon. Mike says that the next big one on his list is Egypt! When he is enjoying his leisure time at home, Mike is happiest spending it relaxing with his family, or catching some rays out on the golf course with a buddy.

Mike and Dryer Vent Wizard proudly sponsor the Children's Burn Foundation each year, raising money to help the recovery of children who have suffered from serious burns. Colleagues in the community refer to Dryer Vent Wizard every day as "the best, most knowledgeable dyer vent people out there". Thank you so much Mike, RMA appreciates everything you and your company do!