Is Your Dryer Vent System Put Together Using Safe, Proper Materials?

Working in Caldwell, ID, Dryer Vent Wizard of Boise sees dryer vent systems that consist of all kinds of venting materials, many of which are dangerous and can cause problems. If residents in Caldwell, ID, or anywhere in the Treasure Valley, see any of the following incorporated into their dryer vent system, they should call immediately to avoid risks to health and home.

  • Vinyl or slinky foil materials: These materials are easily crushed, diminishing airflow; have ridges that collect lint, leading to build up, clogs, and possibly a dryer fire; and are flammable.
  • PVC or plastic materials: The static that comes with plastic and PVC materials causes lint to stick and collect. Moisture also remains in these pipes, collecting and mixing with lint, creating an obstruction of sludge.
  • Duct tape or screws: Neither should be used to connect sections of the dryer vent in your Caldwell home. Your dryer vent system needs the vent interiors to be smooth, and screws create areas where lint can catch and collect. Duct tape dries over time, allowing gaps to form, where lint gathers, and sometimes leading to a vent disconnecting completely.
  • Cages or screens: It can be tempting to use a cage or screen at your vent termination point to keep critters out, but these items encourage lint to collect, creating a fire hazard and affecting the efficiency of your dryer. Dryer Vent Wizard of Boise has safe options that will keep nature out without blocking your system’s airflow.

If any of these materials were used for dryer venting in your Caldwell or Treasure Valley home, call Dryer Vent Wizard of Boise today! We’ll get you up to code and safety standards.